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This website is for amateur birdwatchers and professional ornithologists alike. It aims to provide useful information about the wild birds occuring in Qatar and, most importantly, to encourage the submission of records and observations in order to help maintain an accurate picture of the avifauna of Qatar.

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The information on this site is published by the Qatar Bird Records Committee (QBRC)**, which is the custodian of the official Qatar List. It is the committee's responsibility to build and maintain the list as an accurate historic and present-day record of the wild birds occurring in Qatar.

The Qatar List

As well as resident, summering and wintering species, many others pass through Qatar on migration. The Qatar List documents their occurence, providing an authoritative record of the country's avifauna.

The Qatar List is one of the key tools by which national and international conservation goals can be prioritised and the environmental impact of human development can be evaluated. Ultimately, over time it will provide a valuable chronology of the ever-changing avifauna of this increasingly accessible country.

Helping QBRC maintain the list

The committee welcomes the submission of records from resident and visiting observers. The more records received and reviewed by QBRC, and the better they are substantiated, the better the list will be and the greater its value in aiding the conservation of birds in Qatar and across Arabia.

In the case of rarities, submissions should be accompanied by supporting evidence such as field notes, descriptions and, where possible, photographs.

While this website and the information herein is published with best endeavours, the Qatar Bird Records Committee (QBRC) and its individual members accept no liability whatsoever for the way in which the information is used, for any consequences arising from the use of this information specifically or this website generally, nor for any unintended inferences assumed by the reader.

White-eared Bulbul
Pharoah Eagle Owl
Cream-coloured Courser

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