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About the Qatar Bird Records Committee (QBRC)

The Qatar Bird Records Committee (QBRC) maintains the Qatar List, the official record of birds occcuring in the wild in Qatar.

As custodian of the Qatar List, QBRC is the recognised authority that documents the occurence, and adjudicates on the status, of wild birds observed within the borders of Qatar.

The committee assesses which taxa - and which observations - are eligible to be admitted to the list, thereby ensuring a validated, up-to-date record of the country's naturally-occuring avifauna.

The Qatar Bird Records Committee (QBRC) is a voluntary organisation established in 1996. It endeavours to emulate the objectives, protocols and standards of longer-established bird records and rarities committees (e.g. the British Birds Rarities Committee, BBRC).

QBRC members

The current serving members of the committee are:

Jamie Buchan
Richard Porter
(Honorary President)
Jamie Buchan
Jamie Buchan
Michael Grunwell
Neil G Morris

Simon Tull
Keith Betton

Neil Morris
Simon Tull

Recognising the contributions of those who have gone before

Today's committee is indebted to those whose pioneering work in field identification, species distribution and record-keeping laid the foundations for today's list.

Despite the best efforts of this band of dedicated observers, the historic record remains relatively sparse. Hence, as well as present-day records, the committee is keen to receive substantiated records from the past, especially those historic records that are supported by photographs.


Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
Red-vented Bulbul
Socotra Cormorant
Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark

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