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Records pending/under review and other requests for further information

The QBRC is aware of the following claims/records which remain, as yet, unsubstantiated. It also seeks data on certain key species as indicated.

If you have any information regarding any of these, particularly any photographic evidence, please send this to the committee; or simply get in touch with us in the first instance.

All information/data relating to breeding records will be managed sensitively and, where appropriate or upon request, confidentially.

Thank you.

Date of
(English name)
(Scientific name)
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse
Pterocles exustus
Records requested
Late 2012
Trumpeter Finch (Sailiyah)
Bucanetes githagineus
Details requested
2012 and prior
Red-billed Tropicbird (breeding records)
Phaethon aethereus indicus
All data requested for QBRC report
2012 and prior Bridled and White-cheeked Terns Onychoprion anaethetus and Sterna repressa All data requested for QBRC report


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