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Other fauna & flora UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Of course, birdwatchers are frequently interested in other fauna and flora, so we aim to use this page to bring interesting observations of wildlife other than birds to your attention.

Contributions to this page are invited (see Contact). The following are but a few limited images to start off this Other fauna & flora feature.

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Moustached Darter


Read Michael Grunwell's comprehensive overview of Dragonflies (Odonates) in Qatar, summarised in his newsletter article and presentation given to members of the Qatar Natural History Group (QNHG).

Moustached Darter


Download these two PDF files by Gary R. Feulner, Robert W. Reimer and Richard J. Hornby:

  1. An Updated Illustrated Checklist of Dragonflies and Damselflies of the UAE (2007)
  2. Errata and Addenda: Updated Illustrated Checklist of Dragonflies of the UAE including a third species of Ischnura damselfly (2009)







Yellow-spotted Agama
Desert Monitor Lizard
Blue Pansy
Hooded Malpolon

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