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Download and complete one of the following forms (Word or PDF document) to submit your sightings. Please complete one Word or PDF form for each sighting.

While those species which occur regularly do not require formal submission, rare species require credible substantiation of the date, location, circumstances and identification.

Records are submitted according to the status of the observed species (see 'Submission categories' below) and then, if the record is accepted by QBRC, placed in the list under the appropriate 'Acceptance category' (please review the Qatar List and its 'Acceptance categories' before making your submission).

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qsubmission pdf   QBRC_submission_v1_2013-05-20.PDF (©QBRC)

Submission (species status) categories
1. First: An official rarity, being potentially the first record of occurrence of this taxa in the wild in Qatar.
2. Vagrant: An official rarity, being recorded on no more than five occasions in the wild in Qatar.
3. Rare: An official rarity, being of highly irregular and infrequent occurrence in the wild in Qatar.
4. Scarce: Of irregular and infrequent occurrence in the wild in Qatar, and/or of notable international conservation concern.
5. Common: Of regular and frequent occurrence in the wild in Qatar and not of international conservation concern.
Records of First, Vagrant or Rare birds must be substantiated with a full description of the circumstances and field identification notes, ideally supported by photographic evidence. For these records, observers are urged to submit a completed QBRC Submission Form.

Potential Firsts and Vagrants will be subject to close scrutiny by QBRC. Only in exceptional cases will a new species be admitted to the Qatar List, or will records of Vagrants be accepted, without photographic evidence or multi-observer submissions.

Informal records, particularly of unusual numbers, movements and behaviour, of Scarce and Common birds are also welcomed.

Returning your completed form(s)

Completed forms should be returned as directed in the Submission Form. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Laughing Dove
Eurasian Hoopoe
Pallid Harrier
Indian Reef Heron
Black-headed Wagtail
Desert Lark

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