Submit Sightings

QBRC greatly welcomes reports of bird sightings. Species which occur regularly do not require formal submission, but those which are considered to be rare, or vagrant, or which are first records for the country do require credible substantiation of their date, location, circumstances and identification.

Records of sightings of birds can be submitted directly to the Recorder via the form below.

Taxa categorised as  FirstVagrant or Rare must be supported by a full description, ideally supported by photographic evidence. Please consult the current Qatar List accordingly.

For these records, observers are urged to submit a completed rare bird submission form available here for download in MS Word format.

Definitions of the categories used in the Qatar List are as follows

First – An official rarity, being potentially the first record of occurrence of this taxa in the wild in Qatar.

Vagrant – An official rarity, being recorded on no more than five occasions in the wild in Qatar

Rare – An official rarity, being of highly irregular and infrequent occurrence in the wild in Qatar

Scarce – Of irregular and infrequent occurrence in the wild in Qatar, and/or of notable international conservation concern

Common – Of regular and frequent occurrence in the wild in Qatar and not of international conservation concern